Meepland Elementary School is a elementary school located in central meepland.

Students Edit

"Pre-K Classrooms" (Which are now in middle school, I mean, some of them i-)

Pita (Pre-K 8)

Nunya Bizness (Pre-K 8)

Katie (Pre-K 9)

Daisy (Pre-K 9)

Diego (Pre-K 9)

Waffles (Pre-K 4)

Sarah (Pre-K 9)

Matey (Pre-K 8)

Emmie (Pre-K 4)

Peppy (Pre-K 9)

RoseMarie and Annabelle (Pre-K 9)

Trouble (Pre-K 6)

Trinket (Pre-K 9)

Smartie (Pre-K 9)

Sprinkle (Pre-K 2)

Blanket (Pre-K 2)

"Kindergarten Classrooms"

Squirt (Kindergarten 1)

Scribbles (Kindergarten 1)

Tricky (Kindergarten 1)

Patrick (Kindergarten 2)

Lilly (Kindergarten 2)

"First Grade Classrooms"

Hobo (Classroom 1)

Dot (Classroom 1)

Beeboo (Classroom 1)

Booboo (Classroom 1)

Sarafina (Classroom 2)

Spellinda Zelf (Classroom 2)

"Second Grade Classrooms"

Paige (Classroom 3A)

Sally (Classroom 3A)

Debra (Classroom 3A)

Malachi (Classroom 3B)

Jessie (Classroom 3B)

Julie (Classroom 3B)

James (Classroom 3B)

"Third Grade Classrooms"

Angel (Classroom 4A)

Cindy (Classroom 4B)

Joe (Classroom 4B)

Tikka (Classroom 4A)

Michael (Classroom 4A)

Appearances Edit

Lalaloopsy Littles School Recital (Debut/ Note: the auditorium was only showed not the whole school)

LalaLittles in Summer School

Lalaloopsy Littles in Pre K

Lalaloopsy Little Pre K Pt 2 - New Kids

Bitty Twins Valentines Day Special

Nunya comes to Pre K

Bitty Twin Daisy heres a secret

Bitty Twins begin Pre-K

Bitty Twins Report Card Day

Bitty Twins in Kindergarten

Itchy Monday

Bitty Twins Class President

Who Did It

Staff/Employees Edit

Locations Edit

  1. Pre K-2 - is where Mrs.Kit teaches and nunya, pita, smartie, RoseMarie and Annabelle learns at.
  2. Pre-K 1 - is where Mrs.Chrissa teaches.
  3. Kindergarten 1 - is where the kindergartners learn and study.
  4. Kindergarten 2 - is where more kindergartners learn.
  5. Classroom 1 - is where first graders study.
  6. Classroom 2 - is where even more first graders study.
  7. Classroom 3A - is where second graders learn.
  8. Classroom 3B - is where more second graders study and learn.
  9. Family Preparation and Support - is a room where families have meetings and get some preps.
  10. Restrooms - Where students and staff uses the toliets.
  11. Principal's Office - is where the Principal works in.
  12. Custodial Office - is where the Custodian works.
  13. Front Office - is where a secretary, a businesswoman, a social development person and a office coordinator works in.
  14. Administrator Office - Where the Admin and Assistant Admin works in.
  15. Bureaucrat/Business Office - Where the school bureaucrat works in.
  16. Staff Storage Room - Where staff keeps stuff in.
  17. Study/Vocational Room - Where students do vacationing.
  18. Cafeteria - is where the students have lunch and breakfast.
  19. Gym - is where the students have sports and do work outs.
  20. Auditorium - appears in Lalaloopsy littles school recital is a big Theather room where the students have plays and do recitals.
  21. Kitchen - located in the cafeteria is where the chefs cook the lunch for the students.
  22. Nurse's Office - is where the nurse works.