Peppy is Blanket's minion. She likes all kinds of balls. She is Nunya Bizness's Cousin. Her real name is Twinkle 'N' Flutters. She is very hyper-active. Her favorite Pokémon is Voltorb. She is kinda crazy, so ask her anything,she can be a fast talker.


  • Did you know she broke the world record for longest speech? ???
  • She has a small crush on Matey? I THOUGHT NUNYA X MATEY??
  • She is obsessed with balls? O_O
  • She's a fairy? OMG SO MIND BLOWING!!

Once in Pirate games with Matey Anchors, Pita repeated what Peppy said so much, Pita had to go to the hospital which made Pita with no appearance in that video.