Spillside Pools

Spillside Pools


The video starts out with AllAboutMeep saying "Welcome to Meep Land pool! And I call it. Spillside."

Daisy says "I love summer. This smelly pool is so good." Sarah , who has a towel, says "It smells like chlorine, right? I think it's dangerous to leave stuff in." 

Katie says "I do not like it. I AM NOT FALLING AGAIN. WATER IS NOT MY FRIEND." as she moves away from the pool a bit. Katie falls in a bit and yells "ARGH!" as she goes in and out of the pool.

A floatie from her wrist falls off, so Katie yells "FLOATIE! FLOATIE! NO-OH-OH-OH! Someone has to go get the floatie. I am not going back in there. Somebody has to go get my floatie. Somebody has to-" but is cut off by Daisy when she says "Katie, Katie, it's shallow the water. And here's your floatie." as she gets up, gets the floatie, and walks to Katie.

Katie says "Thanks." as she puts her floatie back on. Quickly, she says "But what if I fall in there and die? That's, that's like a doll grief." Daisy says "Katie. Calm down. Unless you trip and fall, you aren't gonna fall in." Lilly giggles and says "Cheese."

In another pool, a little baby is playing with a HUGE beach ball and says "Waffle in kiddy pool. Waffle loves ball. Waffle."

Sarah says "Even though I can't swim, I maybe I'll go in the baby pool. It looks nice." The kiddy pool has three babies in it, and one of them says "Wah, wah, wah. Naked baby!" Another baby says "Wah, wah, wah!" and Waffle says "Waffle! Waffle!"

Waffle tries to get all of himself in the water, while saying "Waffle needs to get wet. Waffle is hot, oh Waffle's better, Waffle needs a hug.". He goes out of the pool, and goes to Sarah, who is standing by the edge of the kiddy pool.

Sarah yells "NO WAFFLE!" She says something really fast, but is cut off when Waffle hugs her. Sara screams, while Waffle says "Waffle love you. Waffle wove you." Sara says "Wanty." and faints.

One of the babies farted, as AllAboutMeep pushed down the baby's butt in the water to make bubbles come out of it, thus, looking like he's farting.

In the big pool, Daisy says "Hah, hah, Lilly." who sniffs, looks at the camera and groans a bit. Daisy laughs, and says "Smell dat? Daisy smells something." Daisy looks at the kiddy pool and screams. She says "Ew. Ugh." Waffle says "Baby made a no no in the pool. Baby made a no no in the pool", as the baby who farted previously farts again. Waffle laughs and says "Waffle like bubbles!"

Katie says "I love that, I really love that."

Sarah screams again, as Waffle is still hugging her. She begins to cry a tiny bit, and all of a sudden, another baby comes, as Waffle says "Waffle says there's a baby on your head." Sarah yells "Ew! He's farting! There's a naked baby on my head!"

Katie is lying down on an inner tube, and says "Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation." A beach ball hits her chest and boinces on the water. She yells "HEY! YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO KATIE!" as she sits up on the inner tube. "If you do that to somedoll, you can't do that to Katie!" 

But then she says "Wait a sec, I don't look so tough." So she shakes herself to make her hair all spiky and messed up. "NOW I LOOK TOUGH, DON'T I?! NOW YOU DON'T WANNA THROW A BALL AT ME!" She yells. She says something random, and begins swimming.

Daisy quickly says "Guys, guys, guys. I know you love my pool, but this is getting too...wild, I'm coming out." as she comes out of the pool. Katie yells "Whadda mean things are getting too wild?!" but proof is shown is the camera pans to show a baby that got into the pool. The baby farts and says "Aaaah." as (s)he flips himself around.

Daisy says "Guys, there's a naked baby in the pool!" Katie, who's lying on her back says "I'm not naked." as Daisy replies "NOT YOU KATIE! That baby!" Waffle says "Baby made a no no in the pool" again. The baby in the pool is standing up, and is shaking himself left to right, typically dancing.

Daisy yells "GET OUT OF THIS POOL!" at the baby.The baby pretends to go out, but once he gets to the edge of the pool, he goes back in and begins farting again. Daisy says "Ew, did you just fart?" as she laughs. The baby stands up again and goes to Daisy. Once again, Daisy said "Did you just..?"

Deigo goes to the pool and then says "Last one is a rotten e-OH MY GAWD!!!! There are babies in the pool." Katie says "We're living! Yeah, we're like living it out!"

The baby is dancing again. The other two babies says "We got the pool all to ourselves, we got the pool all to ourselves." A baby is on the edge on the pool, and says "Baby need to pee." AllAboutMeep pours some water down the baby's butt, to make it seem like he's peeing. "Baby made a no no in the pool." And the video ends.